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Elite Motor Group

  •   I contacted Elite Motor Group because I wanted to sell my vehicle ¬†2003 CLK AMG privately because the trade in value was way lower than private sell. I drove from chino hills, Ca. ¬†Elite motor group got me $2,000 more than private sell, and at that point I decided to upgrade with them to a 2011 E 63 AMG Mercedes-Benz with 45,000 miles. I was very comforted by their services & knowledge. I would definitely continue doing business with Elite Motor Group.

    thumb Alberto P.
  •   After doing some research about buying a car, I finally decided to go with a broker. Best decision I ever made when it comes to car buying. James made the transaction so easy. Didn't have to sit at the dealer for hours, no negotiating or haggling, nothing. I'm so glad we went with Elite Motor Group, we couldn't have gotten a better deal on the Range Rover. Thanks James!

    thumb Donald R.
  •   James and his colleagues were extremely professional and helpful and guided me through getting my first car. I highly recommend their service to anyone who is looking to get a new car!

    thumb Alina H.
  •   Two of the hardest working gentlemen in the business. James and Jon are all about numbers and getting to the specs and price for you. They will get you the price as soon as you tell them what you are looking for. They are not trying to sell you anything, just what you are looking for. Working with James and Jon they have been a pleasure and saving me so much time. No more spending several hours negotiating and then some more dealing with the finance guys.

    Like other reviewers have mentioned, EMG has the highest standard when coming to ethics and customer service.

    What I loved about the process with EMG - I had my car delivered to my doorstep, signed the paperwork on the back of my trunk and it was DONE! It probably took about 30 minutes, including the sales dude explaining about the car.

    thumb Husin K.
  •   Thank you Elite Motors!!! I honestly have not yet posted a yelp review, but I felt that these people who helped me, Johnathan and James, truly deserve it. I actually was going to the Nissan car dealership because my brother was looking for a new car, but after 2 hours of hearing Johnathan speak with the Nissan Sales Associate and explaining to my brother and I all the details, I DECIDED TO GET A BRAND NEW LEASED 2017 NISSAN SENTRA!!! The best deal I could ever ask for too!!! I couldn't pass on this great deal... All I can say is that I genuinely appreciate all of the help and patience Johnathan had during the transaction. I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking or looking to buy or lease a car to get in touch with Elite Motors, as they can help you with negotiation and find the best deals!!!

    thumb Megan M.
  •   I had an excellent experience working with James and Jonathan. I initially contacted Elite Motor Group several months ago. I was trying to decide on a car that is environmentally friendly, yet meets the SUV size that my family needs, while being a good investment. James and Jonathan make good recommendations about which vehicles will be better for a long-term investment. I did a lot of research on my own, and after they answered my many inquiries, they came back with a couple of options. They also have a wide network and found a dealership that offered a much lower interest rate than was offered to me by two credit unions. They are highly communicative and very honest and transparent which made the car purchasing experience easier. I finally decided on a RAV4 hybrid SE. It was delivered straight to my home and all of the paperwork was ready to be signed right there. No need to negotiate with car sales people. I am extremely happy with our new family car and would highly recommend Elite Motor Group.

    thumb Strela C.
  •   If you're in the market to buy a new or used car, but don't want to deal with the headache that goes along with it, call these guys. I've bought 2 new cars previously by wasting hours at dealerships, negotiating deals. I called James one afternoon, told him what I was looking for, and the next day he found the car I wanted for a great deal. He even got me options on both buying and leasing, and I never once felt pressured into buying anything. Once I made my decision, James personally drove me to the dealership, sat down with me to sign the papers, and explained everything that I was signing. The best part was I was in and out of the dealership in about 20 minutes. They truly deliver a VIP experience. I will definitely be using them for any of my future car buying needs.

    thumb Garrett D.
  •   James is a great down to earth dude that genuinely looks after his clients. I've never bought a car from him but I've done plenty of business with him. Every time we do a transaction, he is 100% looking after his customers interest. He knows his numbers and will work his hardest to get his people the best deal possible. If you're in the market for a new car, I strongly suggest you reach out to him.

    thumb Kareem A.
  •   My experience with Elite Motor Group has nothing but incredible. I am one of the most difficult people to work with when it comes to getting a new car and many of the other car brokers eventually just stopped responding to me, but not Elite. I am now enjoying my amazing 2017 Jaguar F-Type Premium with a great deal secured by Elite. I highly recommend.

    thumb Nick M.
  •   It was weird how easy this whole process was. I reached out via Yelp and almost immediately got a response from James. He asked me a few questions via text and found a car for me the very next day. That one didn't work out, but James gave me a call and talked me through the process. The day after, he found me a different car, and now it's mine! The dealer dropped off the car at my house, about 50 miles away. I signed some paperwork and that was it!

    James always responds in a timely manner and was very helpful during the whole process.

    I never even knew car brokers existed, but this is a great service for people who hate negotiating like I do! I had to go into a dealership so I could see which color I wanted, and the sales people ended up holding me for 2 hours for no good reason. Will definitely use EMG services again!

    thumb Kristie T.


We handle all aspects for our customers.

Sell My Car

Get TOP dollar for your used car!

Buy or Lease a Car

We maximize your savings

Leasing & Financing

We negotiate low interest rates!

Get Out of Your Lease

We can help you get out of your lease

Why Elite?

Our goal at Elite Motor Group is to create the ultimate car buying and selling experience. If you're tired of dishonest salesmen, read on. As proud winners of Yelp’s fastest growing dealer reputation in 2017, our customers can support the fact that we aim to earn your trust before your business. Whether you are looking to purchase, lease, or sell a new or used vehicle, we are here to make your experience as transparent and hassle-free as possible.


Our team at Elite Motor Group has a strong background in finance. So we’ll give you the numbers, not the sales pitch. Leave the negotiations to us so we can get you the bottom price on your ideal car. Then we’ll lay out all of your options and let YOU make the ultimate decision.


Instead of spending hours at the dealership listening to numerous sales pitches only to ultimately walk away unhappy or overpaying for your car, spend 30 minutes with us. We’ll skip the run-around, cut the dealership wait time, go to bat for you and get straight to the point. Because we know there are two things you value most: your time and your money. Sound like your style? Continue reading…


We don't want to waste our time just as much as you don't want to waste yours.
Here's how we work…


We want to handle the entire process for you from start to finish:

  • Breakdowns sent via text and email before you submit any credit apps!
  • We personally explain the paperwork, which matches everything that was given to you via text or email.
  • We personally deliver your new vehicle straight to your door.

No last minute number changing. No surprises


How do we get paid? Take this for example…
The car you want cost $50,000. The dealership sells it to us at $44,500 then we add our $500 commission. Therefore, the selling price is $45,000 (commissions can vary on the amount of savings and vehicle).


We will always protect both your time and money. If an interest rate at a dealership is too high, then we will direct you straight to our credit union partners that offer, for example a 2.59% at 60 months. Simply put, our business is driven by the “WOW” experience we provide to you because our business is highly driven off referrals which is why we are extremely transparent, and will not waste your time.


We are here to gain your trust before your business so feel free to reach us by any preferred method. 

Call or text us at (949) 771-4060 or email Elite@EliteMotorGroup.co.

We look forward to meeting you!