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Elite Motor Group

  •   I don't even know where to start, my experience working with James was absolutely amazing. I'm soo glad a friend recommended me! I'll admit that at first I was a little skeptical as I had always heard the stories with buying cars and the headaches that comes along with the process. He made the whole process so much easier and smoother than what I've heard literally just about everyone go through.  
           I messaged James telling him what I was looking for and around how many miles, how much, etc. In truth I thought I knew what I wanted but I didn't exactly. He showed me a couple options and recommendations and I continued to look, I even compared the options he gave me to others, and I still kept coming back to his.
        I've worked in sales forever so I figured that it would be along the same lines, I can tell you I didn't feel like I was just being pushed to make a sale at all. He was completely honest and straightforward with me and everything he would tell me checked out (believe me I researched it) I'm glad I went with his info as it definitely left me now, about two weeks later with a completely over satisfied purchase. I absolutely love my car!
        So even before I went to the dealer he actually gave me alot of recommendations on financing and definitely helped me not get screwed over or put on a bad contract. I went in knowing everything I needed to and felt completely prepared for anything because of him.
         I didn't have to deal with the whole headache of dealing with salesmen and getting pushed more and more. The process of going in and out of the dealership will be ALOT easier through him, I guarantee it!
     The integrity of this guy feels completely like my own, he made me feel like family. I can tell that he'd rather lose a sale than give you something that's gonna leave you in a bad spot. I continue to realize how good of a purchase I made by going with him when buddies ask me about my car and they love it as well. I will most definitely recommend any family, friends, or coworkers thst are looking for any car to go through him!      
         Anytime in the future I want to make a purchase, you can guarantee I'll be contacting James. Thanks so much for all your help James! You don't know how much I appreciate and am grateful for your help!

    thumb Angel M.
  •   Jonathan and the larger team at Elite Motor Group is amazing!

    I was in the market for a new car and these guys got me an incredible deal. People could not believe that someone would sell the car at the price they quoted me. Even after having the dealership sell the car at a loss, Jonathan still managed to negotiate free delivery to my house! How amazing is that? I never stepped foot into a dealership and had to deal with those sleazy salesman.

    On top of that, Jonathan was an amazing communicator and went above and beyond to provide excellent service to provide every minute detail I desired. Including line item details breaking down every cost!

    Cannot recommend them enough!!

    Tldr: come here, save time and money! Support this local business!

    thumb Brandon S.
  •   Found these great people on Yelp and just wanted  to contribute my review. Wow! I had been researching for a new car purchase. Went to two dealerships in person and called at least twelve.

    From Jon answering the first phone call to James finding and closing the deal on the right car for me, this company deserves A++. James is honest, straight forward and a hard worker. He got the best price on the car I wanted, helped me get lower financing than I had, drove me to and from dealership 3hrs+, bought my car accessories from his discounted source and most importantly....answered ALL my questions with honesty, clarity and a big smile!

    I will be coming back to him for all future car needs and referring ALL family & friends. Thank you again James for the great deal and service!

    thumb P. H.
  •   James at Elite is the man! Very honest, and smart when it comes to data analytics in the auto industry! He got me my brand new 2018 Mclaren 720s with a 13% Discount of MSRP! He really knows how to get a hold of the vehicle you want at a price you would not expect. James has now helped me into my 2017 Lamborghini Huracan & 2018 Mclaren 720s! I trusted elite motor group with $700,000. I would highly recommend Elite if you're wanting to deal with specialist not salesmen! Thanks again Elite!

    - @BetWithAJ

    thumb AJ G.
  •   Elite Motor Group is different. They refuse to waste time sales pitching you. They dive straight to the numbers and break everything down very thoroughly. I have now purchased 3 cars through them and will continue to do so because they continue to be extremely transparent and effective. I would highly recommend whether you are buying or selling your car.

    thumb Chad W.
  •   It was weird how easy this whole process was. I reached out via Yelp and almost immediately got a response from James. He asked me a few questions via text and found a car for me the very next day. That one didn't work out, but James gave me a call and talked me through the process. The day after, he found me a different car, and now it's mine! The dealer dropped off the car at my house, about 50 miles away. I signed some paperwork and that was it!

    James always responds in a timely manner and was very helpful during the whole process.

    I never even knew car brokers existed, but this is a great service for people who hate negotiating like I do! I had to go into a dealership so I could see which color I wanted, and the sales people ended up holding me for 2 hours for no good reason. Will definitely use EMG services again!

    thumb Kristie T.
  •   I wanted to wait a few months before I left my review on my car, so far I am happy with the performance of my car. I am happy that I was able to use my own credit card to pay off the car so it saved the haggle of having to go through a loan with a bank and paying interest. The payment process was fast and easy as well. The man helping me was very friendly and I felt comfortable making my purchase. I highly recommend this dealer if you are looking for a used car at a great price.

    thumb Itzhelt V.
  •   I'm so happy I chose to work with Elite Motor Group! They are knowledgeable, professional, and honest. I got the best deal around and they saved me so much money when purchasing my car. I would recommend to anyone!

    thumb Megan L.
  •   I had the pleasure to work with James during my recent acquisition.  James is a energetic individual who has some good connections in the auto sales world.  Once he knew what I want, he was able to get 3 quotes from 3 different dealerships within 2 hours.  The quotes were fairly decent.  Eventually I decided to go with one of James' contacts.  He commuted 120 mile one way to make sure the transaction completed smoothly, which is above and beyond.

    thumb Shen L.
  •   These guys are the real deal. I was trying to find a car on my own, but I was constantly stressed out about if I was going to get a good deal or not. I decided to give these guys a try and I am glad I did. They are professional in every way and explain to you in detail what exactly they are doing for you. Communication is one of the most important things for me when purchasing something from someone. No matter how many questions I asked they responded almost immediately. If they couldn't find what I was looking for they would work extra hard to make me satisfied. Elite Motor Group puts the customer first!!! They do the negotiating for you ahead of time so you do not have to deal with anymore of these sleazy car salesmen!!! I highly recommend them!!!

    thumb matt m.


We handle all aspects for our customers.

Sell My Car

Get TOP dollar for your used car!

Buy or Lease a Car

We maximize your savings

Leasing & Financing

We negotiate low interest rates!

Get Out of Your Lease

We can help you get out of your lease

Why Elite?

Our goal at Elite Motor Group is to create the ultimate car buying and selling experience. If you're tired of dishonest salesmen, read on. As proud winners of Yelp’s fastest growing dealer reputation in 2017, our customers can support the fact that we aim to earn your trust before your business. Whether you are looking to purchase, lease, or sell a new or used vehicle, we are here to make your experience as transparent and hassle-free as possible.


Our team at Elite Motor Group has a strong background in finance. So we’ll give you the numbers, not the sales pitch. Leave the negotiations to us so we can get you the bottom price on your ideal car. Then we’ll lay out all of your options and let YOU make the ultimate decision.


Instead of spending hours at the dealership listening to numerous sales pitches only to ultimately walk away unhappy or overpaying for your car, spend 30 minutes with us. We’ll skip the run-around, cut the dealership wait time, go to bat for you and get straight to the point. Because we know there are two things you value most: your time and your money. Sound like your style? Continue reading…


We don't want to waste our time just as much as you don't want to waste yours.
Here's how we work…


We want to handle the entire process for you from start to finish:

  • Breakdowns sent via text and email before you submit any credit apps!
  • We personally explain the paperwork, which matches everything that was given to you via text or email.
  • We personally deliver your new vehicle straight to your door.

No last minute number changing. No surprises


How do we get paid? Take this for example…
The car you want cost $50,000. The dealership sells it to us at $44,500 then we add our $500 commission. Therefore, the selling price is $45,000 (commissions can vary on the amount of savings and vehicle).


We will always protect both your time and money. If an interest rate at a dealership is too high, then we will direct you straight to our credit union partners that offer, for example a 2.59% at 60 months. Simply put, our business is driven by the “WOW” experience we provide to you because our business is highly driven off referrals which is why we are extremely transparent, and will not waste your time.


We are here to gain your trust before your business so feel free to reach us by any preferred method. 

Call or text us at (949) 771-4060 or email Elite@EliteMotorGroup.co.

We look forward to meeting you!