About The Company - Elite Motor Group
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About The Company


We are Elite Motor Group, a friendly automotive provider when it comes to your next automotive decision. We are available to facilitate your next purchase or lease whether new or used. We focus on providing solutions on your current vehicle by helping obtain the most for your trade. We are driven by the fundamental principles being that customers come first, and customers would create a lifelong friendship. Our success is driven by educating the buyer on their next purchase, and fully protecting the buyer at all times from being rushed, misled, and pushed into regretful decisions.  We truly place your needs first, and do not just sell you any vehicle. We truly implement our strong background of accounting and finance to analyze all percentages, and numerical figures for the benefit of the consumer. We discuss both short term and long term goals to ensure deals make sense financially. We are driven to create a hassle free environment by revolutionizing and fully disclosing the car buying experience. Your referral & friendship is the biggest compliment we can receive.



James Cardenas is the Co-founder of Elite Motor Group with a background in finance. He has gained experience while working with Corporate Honda and Wells Fargo. His experience in the finance field has enabled him to aid buyers in the decision making by breaking down numbers and analyzing them both in the short and long term. He only deals with the final decision makers in the auto industry to ensure customer saves both time and money, even though customers with challenge credit are likely to be turned away elsewhere.

James Cardenas

Co-Founder | Auto Broker

Jonathan Menendez is the Co-founder of Elite Motor Group and has his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting. Elite Motor Group is dedicated to create the ultimate car buying experience, one where the customer can freely explore his/her option and narrow down which is the best fit. Jonathan's ability to keep overhead low and seek out the best rebates/discounts, enables Elite Motor Group to pass down greater savings.

Jonathan Menendez

Co-Founder | Auto Broker

Matthew Sanchez is the Managing Partner of Elite Motor Group and has an extensive background in the used automotive industry. Product knowledge is the key to his success when it comes to both buying and selling used vehicles and his main motive is to secure alluring purchases for each and every client. He places each client’s trust at the forefront of every deal and seeks to guide each client towards the best purchase for their personal budget. He finds a great deal of fulfillment in being able to save clients substantial amounts of money and provide hassle free and expedited service.

Matthew Sanchez

Managing Partner | Used Cars